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TXNetworks has been helping companies reach worldwide markets for over a decade. Through the strategic partnership with CDNetworks who is the No.1 CDN vendor in Asia-Pacific, we already expanded across six continents.


Contents Acceleration

Ensure Fast Delivery of Cacheable Web Content
TXNetworks' Content Acceleration service improves the performance of your website while maximising reliability and stability. With TXNetworks Content Acceleration, you can quickly and reliably serve cacheable content from your site.

JPGs, GIFs, CSS, HTML and PDFs are just some of the types of content accelerated
Even at times of unexpected traffic surges or temporary network interruptions, the Content Acceleration service smoothes and speeds website delivery everywhere in the world. That's because the most frequently requested web page content is transmitted through globally distributed cache servers throughout TXNetworks' content distribution network rather than from your origin servers.


HDT (High-Speed Data Transmission)

Instead of traditional TCP-based transfer, High-Speed Data Transmission technology is based on proprietary UDP transfer protocol.

Smart Routing
The fastest path with the best success rate and adaptive routing in case of network congestion

Multi-Path Transfer
Multiple paths used to transmit and merge data, significantly improving speed

Proprietary Protocol
Improve efficiency with bandwidth estimation, rapid retransmission and fast recovery technology

Global Load Balancing
Access to the closest edge server and shield server for the source and destination with over 1,000 Points of Presence

Data Security
Data encryption and origin IP masking protects content from known and emerging threats

Configuration Portal Enable transport services in seconds

Media Acceleration

High-Quality Media Delivery For Unparalleled User Experience
TXNetworks has pioneered the latest media delivery technologies, enabling our customers to offer outstanding online experiences to end-users across the globe. We are uniquely positioned to provide the right solution for your media acceleration needs, including video streaming CDN acceleration. Our integrated content management system and business analytics tools provide the controls and insights needed to manage any media delivery.

TXNetworks is uniquely positioned to provide the right solution for your media and video acceleration needs
TXNetworks is known throughout the industry for our extensive reporting capabilities. Our reports provide detailed, real-time web performance monitoring of all your video streaming CDN content, allowing you to easily track your customers' behaviors and trends. Features include a user-customised dashboard, downloadable log files, in-depth geographical intelligence, and more.


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