Online / Mobile gaming

Online / Mobile gaming
Grow your user base, accelerate gaming and keep gamers engaged
Lag Time Hurts the Gaming Experience

No matter where they play in the world, online gamers react swiftly and negatively to poor web performance. Their ultra-high sensitivity to slow frame rates or lags in the gaming experience makes them quick to abandon a slow gaming site, in favor of competitive game offerings that are just a click away. As such, game developers cannot afford to offer a gaming experience that is less than perfect. Just milliseconds of unwanted lag time can lead to significant losses in player volume and revenue.

Accelerate Online Gaming

TXNetworks accelerates online gaming around the world so gaming sites can keep gamers engaged and grow their user base. Today’s popular online games are global and require the type of global acceleration solutions that TXNetworks uniquely provides.

We stand alone as the only high-speed global gaming network that can reach 99 percent of gamers around the world in just milliseconds. Combined with our solutions for accelerating dynamic games and content, the TXNetworks global gaming network delivers the most responsive and lag-free gaming experience possible.

Busy gaming sites in the world rely on TXNetworks to optimise the gaming experience for their users. We help them achieve their game platform and site performance goals, including:

·         Optimising the performance of large game downloads as well as dynamic gaming applications

·         Scaling to meet global demand without spending on additional capital expenses

·         Managing spikes in gamer volume

·         Minimising lag time around the world, including in the most challenging markets

Superior Gaming Experiences in More of the World

TXNetworks has been accelerating busy online gaming sites around the world for over a decade. Gaming site operators look to TXNetworks to optimise performance in both established and upcoming gaming markets. Our gaming customers routinely leverage TXNetworks to delight gamers anywhere, from Asia and the Middle East, to Europe and the United States.

Keeping gamers engaged and loyal is a core focus of TXNetworks. Our game delivery network and solutions to accelerate dynamic applications offer numerous advantages in performance, reliability and scalability.

Features & Benefits
Global Network

TXNetworks stands alone as the only global CDN with a significant presence in the world’s most challenging markets, including Russia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other emerging markets. This enables online gaming sites to deliver satisfying gaming experiences possible to players in 99 percent of the world ─ at high performance levels possible.

Dynamic Web Acceleration

Using advanced application acceleration technologies, TXNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration optimises the Internet middle mile, enabling an unparalleled end-user experience. Because our proven web performance technologies reduce the number of data round-trips necessary to complete a web request – even for dynamic content – they accelerate application performance and improve the end-user experience.

Dynamic Network Acceleration

TXNetworks Dynamic Network Acceleration (DNA) simultaneously ensures data integrity and security while optimising the speed of travel site applications. To achieve this, DNA reduces the number of round-trip connections made between dynamic applications and the consumers accessing them. Additionally, DNA speeds an application’s data packets through the network in their “as-is” state without decoding them. The end result is a more secure travel booking experience at 10 times ordinary performance levels.

Leaders in Reaching Emerging Markets

Our cloud-based network reaches gamers in regions once considered “off the map” from a performance perspective. From Indonesia to Turkey and Brazil to Russia, we help you reach the gamers that matter to your business.

Intelligent Load Balancing and DNS

The TXNetworks intelligent, cloud-based load balancer (Cloud Load Balancer) provides ultimate flexibility and peace of mind. Dynamically scale and sustain software and application delivery performance levels, even during unexpected surges in user requests. At the same time, you can specify content delivery policies based on real-time conditions and your end-user targets. And Cloud DNS service offers always available, secure, and scalable at high performance levels of DNS service. This empowers you to react to any conditions while never compromising on operational efficiency, availability, and download and application performance.