Media / Entertainment

Media / Entertainment
Accelerate dynamic media files to a global audience
Slow Streaming Speeds Cause Viewers to Leave

Media and entertainment companies often struggle to maintain fast video streaming speeds that help optimise the viewer experience. Consumers expect content to load in a few seconds or less, so slow-loading audio and video streams can lead to significant drops in site traffic and views.

As end-users worldwide demand increasingly engaging experiences, media and entertainment companies should consider CDN solution to continue improving methods of high-speed content delivery to a global audience.

Accelerated Media Delivery Keeps Viewers Engaged

TXNetworks accelerates the delivery of media and entertainment content across a broad spectrum, from full-featured streaming videos to in-stream ads. Our video CDN streaming solution accelerates dynamic media files to a global audience faster than anyone, enabling media and entertainment companies to provide their audiences with a more immersive and engaging experience, no matter where site visitors originate. Using TXNetworks, media and entertainment companies benefit by:

·         Gaining a competitive advantage with high quality video CDN for streaming and content acceleration

·         Retaining viewers to maximise ad revenue

·         Ensuring higher traffic, as satisfied visitors return to consume more content

·         Providing dynamic, targeted content to keep visitors engaged

HTTP Streaming

TXNetworks’ CDN solutions for Media & Entertainment provide fast delivery of HTTP streaming and related media files anywhere in the world, including the Internet’s most challenging markets. Our presence on six continents and experience in live and on-demand large scale events help ensure your end users can experience immersive and highly engaging content at any time with our video CDN streaming. With superior support for large volumes of globally disbursed viewers, your organisation can penetrate new markets and grow your global audience.

The TXNetworks Web Performance Suite brings value to every step of the streaming media delivery process.

Features & Benefits
Media Acceleration

Delivered via TXNetworks Web Performance Suite, media acceleration encompasses fast delivery possible of content and applications in both dynamic and static forms. This enables you to deliver fast HTTP streaming of audio and video, easily supplemented with ads, to maximise revenue.

Global CDN

TXNetworks has long led the CDN industry when it comes to reaching end-users around the world in milliseconds, including users in challenging yet highly coveted markets. As the only CDN provider with a presence on six continents including China and high performance in challenging markets, we help media and entertainment companies please audiences and grow their business across the globe.

Intelligent Load Balancing and DNS

The TXNetworks intelligent, cloud-based load balancer (Cloud Load Balancer) provides ultimate flexibility and peace of mind. Dynamically scale and sustain software and application delivery performance levels, even during unexpected surges in user requests. At the same time, you can specify content delivery policies based on real-time conditions and your end-user targets. And Cloud DNS service offers always available, secure, and scalable at high performance levels of DNS service. This empowers you to react to any conditions while never compromising on operational efficiency, availability, and download and application performance.