Cloud Application

Cloud Application
Accelerated and improved performance for any cloud app
Internet Protocols Erode Application Performance

The skyrocketing growth in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), B2B portals, and enterprise applications serving a global user base has underscored the need for application performance improvements. Yet standard Internet protocols were not designed for the delivery of these cloud applications.

As a result, application performance suffers when organisations attempt to serve a dispersed audience of end users. Relying on standard Internet protocols, the load time and responsiveness of cloud applications fall to unacceptably low levels. This poor performance negatively impacts productivity, end-user adoption, and the bottom line.

Application Acceleration for Global Success

TXNetworks’ application delivery network has been designed to accelerate and improve the performance of any cloud application to users around the world. From CRM and content management, to collaboration and custom applications, we speed applications to 99 percent of the world in just a few milliseconds. Organisations of all kinds can delight users with cloud-based applications that are fast, reliable, and secure.

Enterprises and application providers alike are turning to TXNetworks for cloud-based application acceleration so they can:

·         Scale cloud applications to unprecedented levels, without spending on additional capital expenses

·         Minimise latency caused by standard internet protocols

·         Penetrate new markets and grow the business

A Superior Cloud Application Delivery Network

Enterprises are ensuring 100 percent uptime and increasing application performance by as much as 1,000 percent with the TXNetworks Global CDN. They leverage our CDN presence on six continents and purpose-built suite of secure application acceleration solutions to optimise the end-user experience for a wide variety of application types. The results — enhanced worker productivity, higher application adoption, and improved business results.

Features & Benefits
Dynamic Web Acceleration

Using advanced application delivery and acceleration technologies, the TXNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration solution optimises the Internet middle mile, significantly reducing latency over long distances. Moreover, our proven web performance technologies reduce the data round-trips necessary to process user requests, accelerating response times to meet stringent user demands.

Dynamic Network Acceleration

TXNetworks Dynamic Network Acceleration (DNA) simultaneously ensures data integrity and security while accelerating cloud applications. To achieve this, DNA reduces the number of round-trip connections made between cloud applications and the end-users accessing them. Additionally, DNA speeds an application’s data packets through the network in their “as-is” state without decoding them. The end result is a more secure experience at 10 times ordinary performance levels.

Cloud Security

At TXNetworks, we have implemented a four-pronged security stance throughout our CDN infrastructure, which includes the following core elements:

·         Cloud DDoS Protection: Protection of websites via distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigation; CDN delivery in front of origin servers; and proactive site monitoring and alerting.

·         High Availability: Cloud-based delivery of robust application functionality in a high-performance manner.

·         Data Security: Protection of an organisation’s data, and that of its customers, by applying and supporting leading security methods and standards, such as PCI compliance, secure socket layer, and digital rights management.

·         Regulatory Compliance: Enhancement of CDN infrastructure and services to support industry and governmental standards for managing and protecting consumers’ personal and financial data.

Global CDN

TXNetworks has long led the CDN industry when it comes to reaching end-users around the world in milliseconds, including users in challenging yet highly coveted markets. As the only CDN provider with a presence on six continents including China and the high performance in challenging markets, we help media and entertainment companies please audiences and grow their business across the globe.

Intelligent Load Balancing and DNS

The TXNetworks intelligent, cloud-based load balancer (Cloud Load Balancer) provides ultimate flexibility and peace of mind. Dynamically scale and sustain software and application delivery performance levels, even during unexpected surges in user requests. At the same time, you can specify content delivery policies based on real-time conditions and your end-user targets. And Cloud DNS service offers always available, secure, and scalable at the high performance levels of DNS service. This empowers you to react to any conditions while never compromising on operational efficiency, availability, and download and application performance.