Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance
Execute trades as fast as possible, regardless of location
Optimised web/application performance for an enhanced customer experience

TXNetworks accelerates online banking & financial services around the world so that end-user transactions are carried out as fast as possible. Our Global Networks and Web Performance Suite ensure the most responsive, reliable & secure online transaction experiences across devices and regardless of location.

Secure transactions against attacks & data breaches

TXNetworks’ Cloud Security Suite defends customers from DDoS attacks & data breaches. This comprehensive solution combines web applications and website acceleration with end to end security, including DDoS attack mitigation at the network and application layers with 24/7 monitoring and customer portal visibility.

Global service with regional support

TXNetworks’ solutions accelerate the most sensitive online banking & financial sites around the world, even in the most challenging markets and environments. Whether serving ForEx traders in China or commodities traders in the Middle East, we ensure a streamlined trading experience by drastically reducing internet latency.

Features & Benefits

Maintaining customer loyalty through better performance, reliability, and security is easier with TXNetworks’ acceleration solutions for financial services. We deliver the following features and benefits that make us the premium provider for financial industry leaders:

Dynamic Web Acceleration

Using advanced application acceleration technologies, the TXNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration solution optimises the Internet middle mile, significantly reducing Internet latency over long distances. Moreover, our proven web performance technologies reduce the data round-trips necessary to complete a transaction, accelerating execution windows to meet stringent business demands.

Cloud Security & SSL

DDoS protection with high availability : protection of website via distributed denial of service(DDoS) attack mitigation with proactive site monitoring & alerting, ensuring site availability even during attacks.

Secure Socket Layer(SSL) : enabling bank/financial service sites to securely deliver transaction data and content via encrypted secure socket layer(SSL) channel.

PCI Certified

TXNetworks is in strategic partnership with CDNetworks who is No.1 CDN vendor in Asia Pacific region and already PCI certified. This means TXNetworks’ CDN platform adheres to the technical requirements of PCI standards regarding system-level and application-level policies, including log data centralisation, monitoring, and reporting for security and audit purposes. Not only do e-commerce companies benefit from the fast path to purchase, they do so at the high level of security standards compliance.