Dynamic Network Acceleration

Dynamic Network Acceleration
Application Delivery Networking: Performance without Sacrificing Security
LAN-Fast and Secure Delivery of VPN Applications to the Most Challenging Regions

Need to satisfy performance demands from mobile employees, remote offices or business partners who use the public Internet to access to your mission-critical applications? TXNetworks’ Dynamic Network Acceleration (DNA) is an on-demand network acceleration service that enables organizations to quickly and reliably scale and accelerate both browser and non-browser-based enterprise applications transmitted over SSL-VPN. By applying state-of-the-art acceleration techniques at the transport layer to enterprise applications, DNA solves the performance problems created by latency in the Internet’s “middle mile.” The result is super fast and secure remote-user access to enterprise applications.

DNA solves the performance problems created by latency in the Internet’s “middle mile”
Improve the End-User Experience

DNA makes applications fast and highly available by removing the burden of distributing dynamic application data over the network from application origin sites. DNA achieves this in two ways. First, it applies our proven technologies to reduce the number of round-trip connections made between applications and their users. Second, it leverages our multiple Points-of-Presence around the globe for superior scalability to even the most dispersed enterprise end points.

Performance without Sacrificing Security

DNA speeds an application’s data packets through the network in their “as-is” state without decoding them at all. This technique speeds data transmission without compromising data integrity and security ― critical factors for enterprise application distribution.

Features & Benefits

The Dynamic Network Acceleration Difference

Boost performance

Boost performance of SSL-VPN Applications. Virtually eliminate the inherent delays and latencies of the Internet to vastly improve mission-critical application performance.

Maintain security

Maintain security of enterprise application data traversing the public Internet. Avoid the all-too-common tradeoff required between performance and security.

Enhance end-user satisfaction

Finally achieve high ROI from projects targeted at delivering mission-critical applications to remote offices, mobile workers and/or business partners.

Maximize revenue and productivity

High-performing and always-available enterprise applications mean higher productivity across the extended enterprise. That translates directly into higher revenue and profit.

PCI Certified

Adheres to the technical requirements of the PCI standards regarding system- and application-level policies that include log data centralization, monitoring, and reporting for security and audit purposes.