Cloud Security

Cloud Security
Deliver Secure, Optimal Performance of Your Website to the World’s Most Challenging Markets

At TXNetworks, we blend the latest in CDN security with the performance of a distributed cloud-based infrastructure to keep our customers’ websites both high-performing and secure. We incorporate security into everything we do, making the cloud faster and safer for our customers as they innovate and penetrate the world’s most challenging markets.

We blend the latest in CDN security with the performance of a distributed cloud-based infrastructure

There are numerous aspects to the security measures we employ on behalf of our customer websites and our own CDN infrastructure. We have segmented them into five categories that correspond to the needs of our application and website customers:

Cloud DDoS Protection: Protection of websites via DDoS mitigation; CDN delivery in front of the origin; and proactive site monitoring and alerting

High Availability: Cloud-based delivery of robust website and application functionality in a high-performance manner

Data Security: Protection of an organisation’s data, and that of its customers, by applying and supporting leading security methods and standards, such as PCI compliance, secure socket layer, and digital rights management

Regulatory Compliance: Enhancement of CDN infrastructure and services to support industry and governmental standards for managing and protecting consumers’ personal and financial data


We encourage you to review TXNetworks’ security stance in each of these five critical areas and to learn how cloud-based content delivery provides your site with the unique blend of optimal performance and security.

CDN + DDoS mitigation
Integrated CDN with DDoS mitigation

DDoS Protection 

The fact is DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks happen quite regularly negatively impacting an organisation’s revenue, brand image, and operations. Organisations that attempt to fight distributed attacks with a centralised defense posture quickly become overwhelmed and buckle under the volume of DDoS attacks. TXNetworks’ cloud-based DDoS mitigation is ideally suited for mitigating DDoS attacks. 

DDoS mitigation

The combination of a globally distributed, cloud-based node infrastructure, anycast methodology, built-in platform intelligence, and special “DDoS traffic absorption PoPs” enable us to fend off high-volume and sophisticated attacks.

Traffic inspection and cleansing

Network traffic is automatically verified for compliance to TCP/IP specifications and dropped if not.

Proactive site monitoring

We blend technology and our front-line engineers’ years of CDN and website monitoring experience to monitor for attacks and respond to them fast and appropriately.

Automated alerting

Our system leverages RPS Alerts and Traffic Alerts to inform TXNetworks customers to the presence of an attack. Customers can also pre-set traffic volumes, above which our system will automatically send alerts.

Dedicated security team 

Our team of deeply experienced network engineers continuously improves our systems and infrastructure to account for increasingly sophisticated and large attack types.