Cloud Load Balancer

Cloud Load Balancer
Apply real-time traffic management policies and manage DNS strategy
React to load in real-time without compromising on availability or performance

TXNetworks’ Cloud Load Balancer (CLB) allows organizations to combine multiple delivery strategies to align with their business and technical needs.

  • Flexibility to manage your DNS traffic management strategy
  • Specify policies based on real-time conditions and user targets
  • React to market-specific conditions without compromising on availability, web performance, or operational efficiency
Provide traffic management without capital investment

Specific rules can be defined to deliver content based on profiles: geographic region, time of day, traffic volume, and network/system availability. Based on these conditions, traffic is managed in real time, balancing need and efficiency between the original server and content delivery networks.

As well as maintaining traffic distribution between servers and CDNs, Cloud Load Balancer can redirect users to the good-performing datacenter based on real-time monitoring of system and network health. Cloud Load Balancer also offers failover and blacklisting services to ensure availability and to support DDoS protection and combat other threats. 

Features & Benefits

On-demand traffic management

Traffic distribution between servers and CDNs

Traffic can be distributed between the origin server and content delivery network in a defined proportion. It helps easily reach new markets, and react to market-specific needs.


Redirect users to alternate location in case of failure.


Block specific IP addresses from viewing content.

Web management portal

Easy UI that allows administrators to specify policies at an individual record level, simplifying load balancing, reducing errors and advanced reporting.